Boomerang, as is obvious from its name, is a throwing tool typically constructed as a flat airfoil, that is designed to spin about an axis perpendicular to the direction of its flight, and returns to the thrower when thrown with a certain technique.

‘Mowgli’, the jungle boy, was found with wolves in 1831 in the caves of Santbawdi village in the Gond tribal area of Seoni. Mowgli, a Gond tribal, held a weapon,  a hunting tool and weapon of the tribe, probably a hunting stick giving the look of a boomerang . After being discovered by some British hunters, and their reciting the tale to their counterparts, famous writer Rudyard Kipling recreated the character and made him a worldwide famous kid with superhuman powers.

My Boomerang Guru

Ken Colbung, an Aboriginal Boomerang Authority, and Chairman of AIATSIS, Australia, had strong ties with the Indian tribals, that went long into the past. He had a notion of the Indian tribals being some distant cousins to the Australian Aboriginals, which has recently even been proved by DNA matching. Ken Colbung’s tribal name was ‘Nundjan Djirijarkan’, and was famous all over the world , many titles like AM, MBE, JP  were bestowed on him . He worked relentlessly to bridge the gap between the aboriginal communities of the two countries. 

His only Indian disciple, Vivek Montrose, received his first Boomerang as a gift when he was only eight years old, and learnt the sport at the age of 15, in 1991, and became the first Indian to learn to not just throw but even carve a Boomerang, resulting in his being fondly titled by the Gond community as ‘Jeans wala Mowgli’.  Vivek, with the Blessings of his Guru, became the first Indian to represent the nation at the 50th Anniversary of the Boomerang Association of Australia and its National Boomerang championship, held in Perth, Australia in April 2019. Moreover, he has been appointed as the member of the International Federation of Boomerang Associations (IFBA), Germany. He is the Founder President of IBA, the INDO-Boomerang Association, and is ready to give the nation its first Boomerang sporting organization.